Boost Your Website Coversions by 250% by streaming
5 Star Reviews on your website

Use our tool to create your Google Review Widget, then add it to your website to increase conversion and trust. We only stream your positive reviews! 

Displaying 5 Star Online Reviews Can
Increase Conversions Up To 270%

~Speigel Research Center~

85% of consumers think local reviews older than 3 months aren’t relevant
Review signals on Google make up to 15% of how Google ranks a business
On average, consumers read around 10 online reviews before making a decision about a local business.
85% of consumers have as much confidence in online review as they do in personal recommendations.

BOTTOM LINE - If you want to be more visible on Google and convert more website visitors into paying customers and clients

Generate Google Reviews consistently and show them on your website

Our software enables you to stream your most current positive Google reviews to establish trust and credibility in the eyes of potential customers and clients who visit your website. It also helps you generate more and more Google reviews from your website to improve your visibility in the Google search results and on Google Maps.

Here Is How Our Software Works

Our Software Integrates Directly With The Google API To Create Your Review Widget

Search for your business using the Google API & simply choose your business.
Instantly pull in all of your business information & Google reviews.
Automatically generate your special Google review link to make it easy for you customer to leave reviews with a single click.

Choose Your Layout & Customize Your Google Review Widget To Match Your Branding

Choose your desired layout & settings for your Google review widget.
Customize your colors to match your branding of your website.
Set the minimum threshold star rating to only show positive reviews on your website.

Simply Add A Few Lines Of Code To Your Website To Start Streaming Your Reviews

Add your positive Google reviews to any part of your website.
Only display your top Google reviews that are updated automatically.
Generate new Google reviews directly from your Google review widget.

Collect Reviews and Customer Feedback Directly From Your Website

Use our Review page to ask customers to rate their experience
When you receive a positive response our software takes your customer direct to your Google listing to leave a review about your business.
If you receive a negative response invite feedback so you can improve your customers experience.
Get immediate notifications on all negative feedback, so you can address the issue immediately.

Integrate Our Google Review Widget To Any Website Platform

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Reviewzify Google review widget?

The Reviewzify google widget is an all-in-one software that allows you to showcase Google reviews on your website from your Google Business Profile.

What if I get a bad review?

You are able to set the star rating threshold and only stream your positive Google reviews. For example if you set the threshold to 4 stars and above, only reviews with 4 and 5 stars will show up in your review widget. You can also suppress any reviews that you don't want to show up on your site.

How does the Reviewzify popup work and what does it do for my site?

You simply add your script to your website and your reviews will pop up on either the left hand side of your screen or the right hand of your screen.

The Reviewzify popup is one of our most popular tools & can instantnly increase your conversion rates on your website by over 15%. We provide you with a small floating pop up that displays your most recent positive Google reviews in the lower left or right hand corner of your website. Adding Reviewzify to your website will establish trust and credibility with potential customers by providing them with a source of third-party validation of your products or services. This is the ultimate social proof, and if you'd like to see what it would look like simply enter your business information above and we will instantly create your pop-up for your business.

Can I add the Reviewzify widget to any site?

Yes, you can add the widget to any website with our easy to use script.

Can you delete Google reviews?

You cannot delete Google reviews, however you can hide them from your website by only allowing 4 or 5 star reviews to display.

What is the Review page for?

This helps you to lessen the chances of a negative review from an unhappy customer being posted directly on Google. If a customer or client chooses the green 'thumbs up' on the review page they will be able to leave a review directly on Google right then, but if they choose the red 'thumbs down' they will be asked to fill out a feedback form. Upon being given an opprtunity to express their dissatisfaction on the feedback form, its unlikely that they will then go onto Google to post the negative comment. The review page and feedback process also gives you an opportunity to put things right for the customer and perhaps get a better review.

Respond To Google Reviews Within Seconds Using Artificial Intelligence

It's simple. We help you send the right responses to your Google customer reviews.

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